You are currently viewing Execution failed for task ‘:flutter_android_pip:verify ReleaseResources’.

Execution failed for task ‘:flutter_android_pip:verify ReleaseResources’.

If you’re a flutter developer and if you build a release apk/app bundle for Google play store then at-least once you will face this issue “Execution failed for task ‘:flutter_android_pip:verifyRelease Resources’.”

flutter error

So in this post, I will tell you how to solve this error. Below are the steps for solving this error.

Follow the below steps

Step 1: Open your flutter project in VS Code/Android studio

Step 2: Right click on the android folder

Step 3: After clicking on the right then click on the option ”open in the android studio”

Note: For better understanding open image into new tab.

Step 4:Then go to the android studio.In android studio, you see only android related files.See below image

Step 5: Check the compileSdkVersion and minSdkVersion in build.gradle(:app) and build.gradle(:flutter _android_pip). compileSdkVersion and minSdkVersion required the same version in both files.

See the below screenshot.

Note: This solution also works on this type of error. For e.g.

  1. Execution failed for task ‘:image_picker:verifyReleaseResources’.
  2. Execution failed for task ‘:shared_preferences:verifyreleaseresources’.
  3. Execution failed for task ‘:url_launcher:verifyreleaseresources’.

Hopefully, I will solve your problem. Thank You…!

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