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Samsung M30s stuck on Samsung Logo

How to solve Samsung M30s stuck on Samsung logo…?

If you are a lazy person or you are not interested to read the long article then go down and watch the video.

Hey friends, Samsung M30s is a mid-range phone. When I buy this phone at that time I was very happy. Samsung provides very nice features in M30s with a 6000 mAh battery. But when I update my Samsung M30s device in March month my phone won’t turn on. Samsung provides a totally garbage update. I think Samsung provide update without testing. What do you think about this update…? Lets comment.

When I update my phone Samsung M30s at that time my phone running on the Android 9 version. In Android 9 phone running very smoothly, No issue found in the device. But after update android 9 to Android 10, my phone stuck on the Samsung logo.

I was worried about what happened to my phone. My phone is just only 6-month-old phone when I update my phone into Android 10. I worried about how to solve this problem during the COVID-19 lockdown. Then I started research on this problem. After doing lots of research finally I found one solution. After using the solution my phone turned on. Now my phone is running with some problems.

Some problems occur after Samsung M30s update into Android 10

  1. Slow charging
  2. When charging phone mobile heating issue
  3. Heating problem
  4. Quickly down charging problem
  5. Takes a long time to charge the phone and etc.

When you update Samsung M30s into android 10 and if update not problem installed then you are facing the same problem.

So now we will talk about the solution


  • Fully charged (Atleast above 60%-70%)
  • WiFi connection(Please do not use Mobile Network when you update your phone)

How to check how many charging remaining on our phone..?

  1. Plug charging cable into your device
  2. Press power key + volume up + volume down at the same time.
  3. When the circle comes on your screen then release all buttons
  4. Now your phone showing the charging percentage.
  5. After some seconds your phone automatically shut down.


Solution 1

  1. Press volume down + power button
  2. Release both buttons when the Samsung logo appears on your screen. On-screen it showing the Samsung Galaxy M30s logo.
  3. Wait for 1/2 min.
  4. After that check, your phone is successfully turn on or not.
  5. Suppose this solution does not work then try the second solution.

Solution 2

  1. First switch off your device
  2. How to switch off:- plug the charger into your device and then press the Power key + volume up + volume down at the same time. It showing charging and then the phone automatically shuts down.
  3. After the mobile shuts down unplugs the charger.
  4. Press volume up + Power key until the recovery screen appears.
  5. When the recovery screen appears release all buttons.
  6. Select wipe data/factory reset option by using volume up or volume down button.
  7. After deleting all the data your phone will be successfully recovered.

Warning: The second solution deletes all your data.

Watch video for better understanding

I hope I will solve your problem.Thanks for reading this article.

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    Thanks for sharing the information. I am facing same problem. Can you tell me how much data will be lost after second solution and is there any way to save the data. Please suggest me.
    Thank you.

    1. Rajesh Shirke

      It deletes all data…..Yes you can do flash without loosing data.

  2. Narasimha Rao Billa

    Both the solutions are not working for me


      I am facing the same problem.. How to solve this? Why this problem occurs to many users?

      1. Rajesh Shirke

        Hey SATHISHKUMAR, due to bad software update this problem occur.You can follow above steps to resolve your problem.
        Note: Second solution delete all your data.Hope your problem will solve.

  3. Guest

    Phone not showing charging % for me. Just showing a charging logo in a circle . Not getting factory reset options .

    1. Santhosoh

      Hi, have you found solution ?

      1. Rajesh Shirke

        Hi Santhosoh, if your phone stuck on Samsung logo then try solution 1.Suppose solution 1 not work then try solution 2.Hope your problem will solve.

    2. Himanshu

      I am facing same problem.
      How it resolve?


        Hi Himanshu.. Has the problem been solved for you? If yes, tell me how to resolve this issue. Thank you..

    3. Sachin

      Have you get some solution. I am facing same issue

  4. Abdus Sovan

    Thanks for important information sharing.

  5. gopal

    my problem when charging the log appears and then volume up and down key and power key after that it will stuck on samsung galaxy M 30s logo only how to resolve pl help me iam trying more than week it is not working out

  6. balu

    Hi i balu.. first & second solution not working in my phone. How to solve the problem another method or software solution. please share the Solution.

  7. Murthy

    Both the options didn’t work. No luck. Any other solution by now ? (AUGUST 2021)

  8. Vijay Shankar Reddy

    I have tried all the above listed solutions, the recovery screen is also not coming just stuck on statrtup, I took it to 2 samsung service centers, they told IC might have gone, as IC is not available separately they suggested me to replace entire motherboard, which costs about Rs.7200 and I asked them what was the reason behind as I saw a lot of people posting online regarding the same issue, the technician told all M series phones in samsung after a while a lot of customers are facing this issue, Apparently samsung is manufacturing all ‘M’ series phones with cheap quality parts to make it budget friendly.

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