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WannaCry ransomware attack

What is WannaCry ransomware…?
  • WannaCry ransomware is an ongoing worldwide attack by the WannaCry ransomware Cryptoworm.It is also called as WannaCrypt, WannaCrypt0r.WCRY.
  • In worldwide, over 20,000 victims and more than 230,000 computers infected.This attack target computer running the Microsoft windows os, encrypting data and demanding ransom payment in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  • This attack started on 12 may 2017, Friday.
  • The countries like Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan. Also, Britain’s National Health Service, Spain’s Telefonica, FedEx, Deutsche Bahn and LATAM Airlines and many other countries, institutes, companies, organization are hunt from WannaCry ransomware virus.
How Does it Work…?
  • When a computer is infected, it directly attacks to the main server for the information it needs to activate.
  • Once this virus activates it begins encrypted files on the infected computer.Once all the file is encrypted, it posts a message asking for a payment to decrypt the file.
  • If it doesn’t get paid, it threatens to destroy all your useful data/information.
  • Sometimes paying method will work, but sometimes it will not work.Also, they do not give any guarantee to unlock your computer.
  • The estimate cost they asking you to pay $300.

How to protect my computer…?

  • Once it has encrypted your files there is no any way to protect your computer.
  • Only backup your files but if not your files could be gone.
  • Also, you can download and install some good ransomware blocker. If you looking for some good option, then check out Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware, and Cybereason Ransomfree.

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