Step 1: Install Python

Install Python from official website.Also Make sure to add Python to your system's PATH during installation.

 Step 2: Open Terminal or Command Prompt

On Windows, you can press "Win + R" and type "cmd" and press Enter. On macOS or Linux, directly open the Terminal.

 Step 3: Install Selenium

Type the following command in cmd or terminal and press Enter: pip install selenium

 Step 4: Install a WebDriver

Selenium requires a webdriver to communicate with different browsers. You will need to download and install the appropriate WebDriver for the browser you wish to automate. 

 Step 5: Most Common webdriver

The most common are ChromeDriver (for Google Chrome) and GeckoDriver (for Mozilla Firefox).After downloading WebDriver, make sure to add its location to your system's PATH. 

 Step 6: Webdriver download links

Here are the download links: – ChromeDriver: – GeckoDriver:

 Step 7: Verify Installation

To check if Selenium is installed correctly, you can create a simple Python  and selenium script.