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What is AWS

What is the Amazon Web Services (AWS ) and its feature

Definition of Amazon web services

AWS is the online services it helps to storage space consumption an automatically maintain the services and software, in AWS manage to the data storage with security a user end will manage the automatic services like docker, etc.

AWS provides many services. we share the details of a few services

Basic Information of Amazon Web Services AWS (Introduction Of AWS Preparation  and computing Type) 

1) Offline Computing 

2) Online Computing 

3) Virtual computing

4)Application Virtualization 

5) Cloud Computing.

Following are the explaination of Computing Evolution Types:- 

1) Offline Computing :

  • Since the start of the computer is the offline computer there is no internet connection at that time that is called offline computing.

2) Online computing :

  • Online computing is the connectivity to client to client connectivity is called as distributed computing.
  • Then there is a part of the second online computer. client to client distribution is difficulty to manage many computer. the they dis sited to centralizes server for client purpose.

3) Virtual computing :

  • After online computer difficulty Relted to Hardware & Hardware cost as well as manage to software related issue.

4) Application Virtualization :

  • Application Virtualization is an technology that encapsulates computer programs from under underlying operating system on which is executed .

5) Cloud Computing :

  • Cloud computing is on the demand availability of computer system resources .

Features of Amazon web services(AWS)

  •  Compute.
  •  Storage. 
  •  Database Management .
  •  AWS Migration .
  • Security , Identity & Compliance. 
  • Customer Engagement .
  •  Management Tools .
  •  Media Services .
  •  Networking.

How to access amazon web services management console.

Following are the steps to login into AWS console. If you want 12-month free trial account then click on step 2 link.

Step 1 :

AWS paid console

Step 2 :

Free tier AWS console

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